March: A re-cap and new goals

So if you’ve followed us this far, you’re probably annoyed at the lack of February post and wondering if this Fast For A Year is actually anything worth thinking about. Let me (Jenn) update you:

We’re having a baby!


And that means I have an incredibly new and different perspective on so many things. Like how sick a mother-to-be can actually get. Folks, I don’t remember the second half of January or basically all of February because when I wasn’t working, I was visiting the bathroom or sleeping. Pregnancy changes a body. And to be honest, I am just now exiting one of the hardest seasons of life my body has been through. It’s all totally worth it, but dang baby, you can make a Momma sick!

Good thing it’s still early in the year and we can recoup some of our goals to press forward. Adam has been a champ taking care of me (and baby, who is on track to arrive in early September).

So how did January go? Well, on the positive side we worked a little bit on each of our three goals. We bought local fish from Lake Michigan at our Farmer’s market, and it was delicious! We also worked on our bathroom, and though it isn’t completed yet, that will be continued in March.

Alas, we did not do much work on going through the upper level of our home. We made it through two rooms (our bathroom and our to-be kid’s room) before pregnant Jenn lost all energy and gave up to sleep.

So we’re adjusting our goals for the rest of the year and taking things a little slower. We are still committed to our Fast, and now that there’s a baby on the way, we want to be intentional about how we prepare for his or her arrival as well.

So the goals for March are:

  • No Factory Farmed Meat.
    • Again, to put this positively, we will ONLY eat locally sourced meats from now on. That means meat we raise/hunt at Adam’s parents and what we can get at the Farmer’s market or local meat market. This also means we eat vegetarian when we are eating out if a place has no locally sourced meat on the menu.
  • Finish the upstairs bathroom.
    • We’re so close, we just need a little more work and we’re there!
  • Finish sorting through upstairs bedroom and “attic” space AND tackle at least 2 rooms on the main floor.
    • Since we only have our bedroom and the “attic” closet storage left upstairs, we’re going to power through it and get going to the next level. One room at a time is the mantra. One room at a time.

All in all, Adam and I are positive about the rest of the year. We are still confident that we can complete the majority of our goals, though we will be more flexible on how and when we complete them (especially with food because, you know, pregnancy).

Keep the pace, one step at a time. Onward we go!

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